Our Summer Bridge 2021 program provides an opportunity for rising 7-9th grade students to accelerate their learning through direct, in-person instruction. The courses in this program will immerse students in curriculum designed to prepare them for the upcoming academic year. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to connect and engage with other current and future Rock Academy students. There will be two three-week sessions during the Summer Bridge Program. Session 1 will run from June 14th- July 2nd and Session 2 will run from July 12th- July 31st. This will be a summer experience your student won't want to miss!

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During this 3-week course, students will develop an understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Students will engage in hands-on, project-based learning and subsequently gain an appreciation for these core subjects. This course is designed for curious innovators who enjoy the application of knowledge beyond the walls of the classroom. We will cover subjects such as Biology, Graphic Design, Environmental Engineering and Physics.

Teacher: Ms. Julye

Dates & Time: Session 1: 6/14-7/2, 8-10 AM

Cost: $300 (billing done through FACTS)

Reading Comprehension

This course is intended for students who need to sharpen their Reading Comprehension skills. Using materials that are interesting (no Shakespeare here), we will work on reading to understand the material the first time reading it through.  Additionally, we will work on analyzing what we read to draw conclusions or form opinions. This is an invaluable skill that students will use in every classroom setting and beyond! 

Teacher: Mr. Bash

Dates & Time: Session 1: 6/14-7/2, 8-10 AM

Cost: $300 (billing done through FACTS)

English Language Arts

Does your student want to sharpen their writing skills, get ahead for next year or learn self-expression through the written word? Register your student in this course! This course is for aspiring writers and students looking to get ahead for the upcoming academic year. 

Teacher: Mr. Bash

Dates & Time: Session 2: 7/12-7/31, 8-10 AM

Cost: $300 (billing done through FACTS)

Math Skills

This math skills class will help develop foundations for students with math anxiety and who have difficulty understanding and applying mathematical concepts. This class will show students how to outline notes, make a calendar, and develop strategies in order to become an excellent math student. 

Teacher: Mr. Horn

Dates & Time: Sessions 1 & 2: 6/14-7/2 or 7/12-7/31, 10:30-12:30 PM

Cost: $300 (billing done through FACTS)

Secrets to Success

Calling all future leaders, (yes that means you) The Rock Academy has a fun, life-changing opportunity and experience that was created to help you navigate through and succeed in educational, personal, and life endeavors. Summer 2021, In the “Secrets to Success,” students will be able to have fun while learning tips and tools that students will be able to use in the school year to come as well as be able to take these skills with them in life. These future leaders will learn and or refresh themselves with effective study skills, how to manage their time efficiently, learn ways to use the gifts God has given them to lead others in a positive light. Students will work together in teams gaining team-building skills as well as good communication skills, students will also learn how to get comfortable with public speaking and how to cultivate and build lasting positive relationships.

Teachers: Ms. Dean

Dates & Time: Sessions 1 & 2: 6/14-7/2 or 7/12-7/31, 10:30-12:30 PM

Cost: $300 (billing done through FACTS)



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